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AURORIS :: Carter Stolz by Pikazxyz101 AURORIS :: Carter Stolz by Pikazxyz101
Some notes to add before you being reading this app:
( = ) I don't have regular/anytime access to a tablet so most of my art will be submitted in traditional formats. I try to do my apps and such in digital (using a friend's tablet) when I can.
( = ) Somethings in the app are disproportional and I apologize for those in advance.

:new: Fixed his Occupation/History to fit the Guardian requirements.


Name: Carter (David) Stolz. Commonly referred by his last name "Stolz"

Age: 26

Gender Identity: Male

Sexuality: Heteroflexible. For the most part straight, but has a few homosexual tendencies.

Height: 6'0" 

Occupation: Civil Mechanic Tends to structures (such as bridges and rooms) around the ship.

(+ Optimist) (+ Confident) (- Sensitive) (- Stubborn)
(+ Strong willed) (+ Passionate) (- Independent) (- Somewhat Naive)

Carter is generally an optimistic and confident person. He always tries to look on the bright side of things, taking challenges head on with his headstrong attitude, making him a rock for others to hold on to. However, this confidence also makes him quite naive as he tries to solve problems that are beyond fixing, and it might take a while to shake him due to his stubbornness.

He likes to have fun and take time to relax, whether that means staring at the vast space outside for hours on end or submersing himself in a book. Sometimes he can get a little carried away in work, or in play, as he is a very passionate person. His passion leads him to invest much time and emotion into everything he does, and with great care. He likes to surround himself with company and friends as it serves as a social and emotional comfort to him, and he fears that people dislike him or take spite of him.

When people disrespect his passion, he can get frustrated relating to his sensitive spots. He also gets sensitive when people try to pry into his secrets, or reveal his arm sleeves to see what's beneath. Under further persistence, Carter will become irritated and annoyed, and will often isolate himself from the person to cool down. He manages to control his anger quite well and knows his limits. It's not that he can't fight you, it's just that he usually doesn't want to. Unless you provoke him on purpose.

+ Working with kids/pokemon
+ cereal
+ having fun at work
+ staying fit
+ naps
+ jazz
+ making people laugh
+ wooing the ladies and sometimes the men
+ the 4th meal: midnight snack
- Disrespect
- Nosy People but he has no problem with personal space
- people who eat cereal without milk
- pennies what's the point
- showing his tattoos and scars in public
- warm milk
- party poopers

History: Growing up, Carter never had..."real parents." He was raised by his brother and sister on the ship, and never met, seen, or heard of his parents on board ever. He knows very little of them from what his siblings would occasionally sputter out. Dad was controlling and strict, says Mike. And Mom was just unhappy, said Becca. Being raised by Mike and Becca (and her boyfriend 'uncle' Aaron), Carter wasn't very well disciplined. Mike was the oldest, so he was always gone working to better provide for the family. Becca was still apprenticing as a professor, but could be home for most of the time and did most of the cooking and cleaning. Aaron played with Carter as a kid and really engaged with him, but had troubles disciplining him and always left him off the hook. However, to teach him some level of responsibility, Aaron gave him Cole (Sentret) at the age of seven.

Because of this environment, Carter never grasped the idea of rules at his age, seeing them as mere challenges he had to break, like some video game. In elementary school, he was seen as nothing more than a class clown to his teachers, but was often bullied by the other kids for not having "real parents." At age twelve, Carter retaliated and fought back. It was then when his record of trouble really started. He was excluded from most of his school for being "weird" and hotheaded. This social rejection made him give up on school and he did whatever he wanted to, facing little discipline at home since Becca and Mike were too busy to handle him and Aaron didn't want to hurt the kid.

His crimes were petty, going from truancy, to thievery, to vandalism. The ship punished him by forcing him to work in custodial and delivery to teach him respect and discipline but this soon wore off as Carter would continue to cause trouble in during his work; i.e. dumping trash over the floors or reading mail that didn't belong to him. He was beginning to become a hassle and quite disliked on the ship when one of his teachers saw something in him. Tenacity. So the teacher encouraged Carter to enroll in a battle program and there he found something he excelled at, something positive. Continuing to work on this skill, he won a small contest within his age group and won a Pawniard, which he promptly named Tetsu.

Although battling taught Carter many skills and life lessons, the continued exclusion from his peers caused him to revert back into the comfort of his truant freedom. Entering high school, he found a bad crowd and made some poor decisions. He joined a few "gangs" (shady group of kids who considered themselves a posse) and got into a lot of fights. He hit his growth spurt and he gained a muscular build, working with this to become stronger and bigger. Seeing this, the ship sent him to go work with an Electrician instead of the usual custodial work for punishment.

Within a few weeks of work, Carter found his place. He felt good helping maintain the ship, and he did good at it too. He noticed significant changes over the course of his work in how people treated him. His peers started to forgive him, and the other electricians started to respect him. Before his life could turn into a mess, Carter took his life by the reigns and turned it around. He began studying to become and mechanic and work for the Guardians. He wanted to help people, to make up for his past mistakes. Finally graduating, Carter was ready for his mechanic apprenticeship. However, with his criminal record, it wasn't going to be that easy.

For a few years, Carter had to be put under steady watch while working and was put under heavy schooling to test his lack of schooling over the years. After finally proving himself capable of working for himself, he was offered a position at age twenty-two and has been working it ever since. But. His job is going to change forever, whether he likes it or not.

Older Brother (44) :: Mike Stolz Carter doesn't get along with Mike. He was never really there for him growing up, and they have conflicting views on many aspects of life. Carter avoids interation with him as much as possible, but family is family regardless....

:bulletred:PRESUMABLY DEAD:bulletred:
Older Sister (39) :: Becca Stolz Carter had a deep connection with his sister growing up. They had many similar interests and she helped him turn his life around when life got tough.
'Uncle' (40) :: Aaron Reeves Carter enjoyed the company of his uncle and connected with him the most. He would consider Aaron more of a brother than Mike.

Additional Notes:
= Carter always keeps a map of the ship's interior on hand.
= His weapon of choice is a light rod. A while, flashlight sized rod that extends into a longer one used for walking, light, and has a small plasma scalpel at his disposal.
= Enjoys working with kids; Volunteered as a teacher on a few occasions
= Eats cereal every morning
= If Carter has no initial interest in you, he will be 100% oblivious to your flirting.
= Doesn't want people to see his tattoos because he fears will think differently of him. Although they are (no longer existing) gang-affiliated tattoos, he enjoys them and sees them as a symbol of moving forward.
= His left arm has a Gold Umbreon Eye tattoo. His right arm has a purple 'x' and green fang tattoos to symbolize an Ariados. Both are small gang/deviant friend groups he had in his troubled years of high school.
= Wears arm sleeves (arm warmers while working out) to hide his tattoos. They just look like bandages.


Name: Cole
Gender: Male
Species: (#162) Furret
Nature: Serious Thinks logically and realistically
Ability: Keen Eye Very observant and analytic
Size: Approx. 4'0" standing. Slightly longer than a body pillow.
:icondarktypeplz: Sucker Punch learned from Becca's Linoone, Cole throws a dark, shadowy punch at a foe who is about to attack. Hits first.
:icondarktypeplz: Hone Claws Cole protracts his claws and sharpens them quickly. Boosting his power and accuracy.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Slash Cole slashes a foe with his claws. Has a high critical hit ratio.
:iconsteeltypeplz: Iron Tail from his stripes down, Cole is coated in a metal-like energy that hits enemies hard. Has a chance to break through a foe's defenses.
Personality: Cole grew up with Carter since he was seven. He knows and understands his partner completely and knows he can be quite complex at times. Cole has a strong inclination/intuition to be Carter's best friend, loyal soldier, and mentor. The Furret takes things very seriously and believes trust is the most important quality in a friend. He remains quiet most of the time and simply observes the world around him. However, aside from his serious nature, Cole enjoys snuggling with Carter and follows him almost everywhere, except work, in which Cole remains at home and sleeps.
Extras: Likes to munch on chestnuts.
Is a skilled fighter.
Will never tell a secret, unless he's scratched below the ears and if his belly is rubbed.
(When not bipedal) Moves around like a ferret/cat combination.
He only has one whisker mark on his left cheek. This was a result of a battling match.


Name: Tetsu (Iron)
Gender: Male
Species: (#624) Pawniard
Nature: Adamant Stands his ground and is incredibly loyal
Ability: Inner Focus Does not flinch in the midst of battle. Always focused on the objective.
Size: Approx. 2'0" standing. Size of a small child.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Swords Dance in a Bushido Stance, Tetsu concentrates and temporarily grows his arm blades to the size of long swords, greatly increasing his attacking power.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Substitute using a portion of his energy, Tetsu creates a substitute of himself. Usually to trick his opponents with a simple wood log substitute to catch them by surprise and attack.
:iconsteeltypeplz: Metal Claw hardening his arm blades with a metal energy, he swipes at his foes. Has a chance to increase his attacking power.
:icondarktypeplz: Assurance concentrating Dark-type energies into a focal point, Tetsu strikes his foes with an assuring hit. The power of this attack doubles if he was hit first.
Personality: Tetsu is extremely loyal and obedient, standing strong next to his trainer with pride and confidence. He is a passionate fighter to wills to get stronger to protect his friends, Carter, and himself. Although he has the drive to win, he stays humble and enjoys sparring with others. Sometimes, however, he can get carried away in a task. Tetsu enjoys socializing with others and has a knack for trying new things and exploring.
Extras: Tetsu does not enjoy foods that come in bags (ie chips, marshmallows, etc)
He does like marshmallows very much though
He lost his frontal blades in a sparring tournament. Ultimately sacrificing balance and power for some speed.
Enjoys working out with Carter
Acts like a pirate when he's alone


Name: Roma
Gender: Female
Species: (#479) Rotom
Nature: Sassy A saucy temper and fiery hearted girl who speaks her mind.
Ability: Levitate Floats above the ground. Impervious to Ground-type attacks.
Size: Approx. 3'0" tall. The size of Carter's head or a balloon filled to the brim with air.
:iconelectrictypeplz: Charge by conserving her own, or absorbing the energy out of a light source or from an attack, Roma charges herself up and boosts the power of the following Electric-type move. Also boosts her defense against special attacks.
:iconelectrictypeplz: Thunderbolt releasing a surge of electrical power through an exit point of her plasma body, Roma creates a fast and powerful bolt of lightning. It has a chance to paralyze the victim.
:iconbugtypeplz: Signal Beam harnessing a special light energy at the tip of her head, Roma releases an exotic beam from her plasma that disorientates foes and has a chance to confuse them.
:iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Ball** converting her plasma into dark, ghastly energy, Roma creates a projectile that hits hard. It has a chance to break through the foe's special defense. ** This move will be replaced (by either, Air Slash, Blizzard, Overheat, Leaf Storm, or Hydro Pump) depending on the motor being possessed.
Personality: Roma is a very dramatic, theatrical, and classy individual. She is proud of her power, and can get a little too cocky and vain. She's hotheaded and will challenge anyone on the spot if she has the urge to do so. Carter has a hard time trying to control her, but values her as a strong partner in his business of work and in battle. She has a charming, sweeter side but only shows it to Carter and her teammates as she believes it is a public sign of weakness. Depending on the motor possessed, her mood changes slightly. Fan makes her more talkative and creative. Frost makes her cooler and quieter. Heat makes her tougher and resilient. Mow makes her more energetic and playful. Wash makes her more calm and compromising.
Extras: Roma and Tetsu don't get along very well
Roma loves to eat--enjoys ice cream the most
She speaks with a slight Italian accent
Works surprisingly well with children
Carter received Roma as a gift from a teacher for life change and graduation.
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